Patrick Geddes and J. Arthur Thompson Biology

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Лондон, 1925 год. Henry Holt and Company. Сохранность хорошая.

Сохранена оригинальная обложка. In its main treatment this book broadly accords with our «Evolution» and «Sex» already published in this series; and also with its «Introduction to Science,» which our Chapters V and VI indeed endeavour to continue.

This small book has thus arisen upon a large plan — that of broadly indicating the main aims and quests of biological thought, and of illustrating their fruitful results. Amid the embarrassing wealth and protean variety of living nature, and the complex webs of relations which are ever being disclosed throughout, we would fain express at once something of the keen and fruitful research-spirit of the biological sciences, and of the rigorous thinking which increasingly inspires them.

For the bright and varied pageant of life is being increasingly seen as Bio-drama; and thus with unities to be discerned, as well as manifold and intricate interweavings of plot…

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